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Orthopedic Bunion Pain Relief & Correction Sleeve (2 Pairs)

Best Bunion Pain Relief Orthopedic Sleeve with Silicone Protector Gel Pads.


Orthopedic Bunion Pain Relief & Correction Sleeve (2 Pairs)

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Recommended by Podiatrists, Physical Therapists and Chiropractors.

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How Does It Help?

Crafted with your comfort in mind, our sleeve features a special combination of a single toe separator and a silicone gel protection pad.  This unique design not only provides gentle protection to the sensitive bunion area but also promotes natural toe realignment, reducing bunion stress.  

Experience the highly effective and customer-favorite design that offers immediate, targeted relief and corrective support for your bunion. 


    Why People Love It?

    • Targeted Pain & Pressure Relief: Immediate relief from bunion pain and discomfort.
    • Natural Toe Alignment: The single toe separator helps realign the big toe, reducing the overlapping & underlapping of the toes and relieving pressure on the big toe.

    toe realignment, prevents overlapping underlapping big toe

    • Pressure Redistribution: The silicone gel cushion pad evenly redistributes pressure, reducing daily swelling and inflammation, preventing painful friction between your bunion and shoes. Enjoy enhanced comfort and less irritation throughout the day.

    Silicone Gel Bunion Cushion Protection Cover Pad

    • Halt Bunion Worsening: By wearing HalluxCare™ sleeve consistently, you can stop the progression of bunions and prevent future deformities.(Crooked Toes, Neuroma, Hammertoes ...)
    • Optimal Weight Distribution: The unique design of the sleeve promotes proper weight distribution across the foot, preventing excessive pressure on the bunion area and minimizing discomfort during walking & standing.
    • Prevents Shoe Rubbing: The silicone gel cushion pad acts as a barrier between your bunion and the inside of your shoes, preventing painful rubbing & friction.
    • Prevents the formation of blisters, calluses, and corns from poorly fitting shoes.
    • Promotes Natural Healing: The gentle support and protection provided by the sleeve facilitate a conducive environment for the natural healing process, promoting recovery and preventing further aggravation.
    • Doesn't cut off blood circulation.
    • All-Day Comfort and Wearability: Soft, stretchable, and high-quality medical-grade material ensures all-day comfort, even when worn with shoes and socks.
    • Cost-Effective: Enjoy an affordable solution to bunion pain relief. Our orthopedic sleeve saves you from costly surgical interventions, offering you a budget-friendly option.

    Conditions Remedied

    • Bunion
    • Arthritis
    • Athlete’s Foot
    • Bursitis (Infracalcaneal)
    • Capsulitis
    • Corns & Calluses
    • Crooked Toes
    • Neuroma
    • Fibroma (Plantar)
    • Flat Feet
    • Friction Blisters
    • Hallux Limitus and Hallux Rigidus
    • Hammertoes
    • Ingrown Toenails
    • Metatarsalgia
    • Peripheral Arterial Disease
    • Plantar Fasciosis
    • Posterior Tibial
    • Raynaud’s
    • Sesamoiditis
    • Sever’s Disease
    • Shin Splints (Tibial Fasciitis)
    • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
    • Tendinitis
    • Plantar Warts

    Bunions don't get better on their own

    • If left untreated, they can lead to a cascade of additional foot problems like Hammertoe, Corns & Calluses, Bursitis, Capsulitis and Arthritis.
    • Crooked Toes: Bunions can lead to toe misalignment and the development of crooked toes.
    • Altered Weight Distribution: The misalignment caused by the bunion can disrupt the natural weight distribution across the foot. As a result, more pressure is placed on the ball of the foot (the metatarsal area), leading to excessive stress on the metatarsal heads.
    • Corns & Calluses: The pressure and rubbing caused by bunions can lead to the formation of corns and calluses on the foot.
    • Neuroma: The development of a thickened nerve tissue, often between the metatarsal heads, due to pressure from bunions.
    • Quality of life impact: These issues can significantly impact a person's quality of life and cause ongoing pain.
    • Address the issue: By using Orthopedic sleeves, you can stop the progression and address the issue before it becomes more severe and painful.


    Feel The Difference Within Weeks!

    Simply wear them day or night for immediate results. They will effectively ease pain and relieve pressure on your feet, allowing you to enjoy daily activities without pain.

    By wearing our sleeves for just 5 to 15 minutes a day, you can expect to see a significant difference within weeks. 

    Wear HalluxCare™ Anywhere! 

    • They can be worn at home, in bed, during physical activities, and all day long for maximum comfort.
    • Suitable for all adult feet, our sleeves are perfect for both men and women.
    • Wear them around the house or in bed as a night sleeve, or slip them on under your shoes for all-day comfort and relief.


    Q: How long should I wear this?

    Answer: We recommend starting the treatment by wearing it for 5-15 minutes in the beginning and increase by 5 minutes per session until you can comfortably wear it for 30 minutes or more. It is important that you allow your foot muscles enough time to adapt and recover as you stretch them.

    Q: What size should I choose?

    Answer: Our sleeves are made of high-quality elastic and breathable fabric which makes them fit all adult feet. It gathers the forefoot and has good elasticity to prevent it from falling off. 

    Q: Can I wash the HalluxCare™ sleeves?

    Answer: Yes absolutely! To maintain the quality and effect we recommend hand washing them with soap in cold water and then air drying them.


    Risk-Free Purchase:

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