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Getting my Bunion Surgery in a few months

I am getting my surgery in a few months and am wondering if I will still be able to wear high heels? I wear them now without much pain depending on the kind of heel. For how big my bunion is, I have really good flexibility in my toes. Also, I’m very flat footed!

The answer to this question depends on the type of bunion surgery you are having and how the surgeon is addressing your foot shape. Generally, after bunion surgery, you should be able to wear high heels again, but only if the procedure is done correctly and with consideration for your foot shape. In some cases, the surgeon may suggest wearing sleeves to relieve pressure and provide support for your feet when wearing heels. It is important to discuss your concerns with your surgeon prior to your surgery so that you can have the best chance at returning to wearing heels without pain.

Scheduled for surgery next week but having second thoughts. No pain aside from soreness after long walks but still young (31M) so I’m hoping to get ahead of it. Podiatrist suggested fixing both tailor and big toe bone. Thoughts?

Theres no harm in fixing both bones, but if you have second thoughts about surgery, it might be a better idea to wait and see if the soreness goes away on its own. If it doesnt, then you could consider surgery, but be sure to ask your podiatrist for their opinion first.

I am a month post op tomorrow, I had a tailors bunion and bunion surgery (mine are genetic). Now that the swelling has gone down in my foot by A LOT, it looks like I still have my bunion? The outside of my foot looks fine and straight but on the inside it looks like I have a small bump. I’m not sure if it’s because there’s still swelling in that area? I had to get hardware on that side so I could assume it’s that. Does anyone else have this problem?

It is possible that there is still some swelling in the area and that is why you are seeing the bump. It could also be the hardware that was put in during the surgery. I would recommend speaking to your doctor to get a better understanding of what is going on. They will be able to tell you if the bump is due to swelling or the hardware and if it will go away with time.

Am I getting a bunion on my right foot? Is there any way I can prevent it from getting worse? Currently working on finding wider shoes. My feet are also very flat. I prefer comfort over style so I’m avoiding heels but most cute flat shoes always seem too narrow for my feet.

It is possible that you are developing a bunion on your right foot. If it is already causing you discomfort, it is best to visit a podiatrist for an assessment and to discuss treatment options. In the meantime, wearing wider and more comfortable shoes can help prevent the bunion from getting worse. You can also look for shoes with extra cushioning and support to help ease any pressure on the bunion. Additionally, there are arch supports and bunion pads / sleeves that can help reduce pressure and discomfort.

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