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How long does it take for a bunion to become big?

I think mine developed within the past year I didn't even notice it till my flat feet gave me pain from running.

The xray showed I had mild bunion and tailor bunion.

I am considering surgery for the future because I dont want to deal with all the issues. I am in my late 20s so I dont wanna deal with surgery in my 40s. Mine is fairly mild but how long does it take for it to grow big? I want to do surgery before it becomes huge.

how long does it take for a bunion to become big

It depends on your lifestyle. If you wear heels/dress shoes all the time they are going to form faster than if you wear shoes that are actually supportive to your foot. Also how active are you? Anything that puts additional strain on your feet is gonna increase your discomfort factor over time. For me it took about 4 years from the age of 16 till I was 20 before I couldn’t stand the pain from them. Honestly, If you can afford the time and the money, I would just get it done with, it’s way easier to recover when your younger.

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My friend in Arizona was part of a pain management study and had bunion surgery for FREE. Check your state and see if that is an option.

There are a number of things you can try to stop the progression of your bunions and alleviate the pain, including wearing shoes with a wider toe box, using orthotics, doing exercises to strengthen the muscles in your feet, and using ice and anti-inflammatory medications, orthopedic sleeves.

Additionally, you may want to consider taping or padding your foot to reduce pressure on the bunion, and avoiding high-impact activities. While these treatments may not completely eliminate your bunions, they can help slow down their progression and make them more manageable. hope this helps best non-surgical treatments for bunions

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