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My Journey with Osteoporosis and Finding Bunion Relief

My Journey with Osteoporosis and Finding Relief

Hi, I'm not Canadian, but I have some Canadian interest. I worked in HR/payroll for Canadian employees for 10 years.

Do you mean that you have osteoporosis? If so, with how severe your feet are, you should qualify for disability insurance in Canada. Also, you can get a referral to an orthopedic surgeon from your GP to have surgeries covered (you cannot use a podiatrist or it's paid for by you).

Even though this initial consultation didn't go well, you are allowed a 2nd consultation, and in Canada, the initial doctor must provide your records to you to share at the 2nd consult.

My Pain Relief Routine

To answer your question on pain relief - this works for me. I hope it can help you or anyone else. The torque currently in your bones won't be relieved by much. However, I can recommend soaking your feet in a pan of warm water with Epsom salts for about 20 minutes to loosen the tendons for massage.

Remove one foot and dry it. Prop one foot across your knee so you can easily reach it. You can then put a sock on your foot (don't try this massage method without socks) and massage your feet using small, circular motions - start at your ankle and in a single ray/line follow your foot shape out, until you run out of foot, then start back at the next ray from your ankle out. Go all around your ankle with these circles working out/downwards. Begin using soft to firm pressure the first round, then firmer (not painful) the 2nd round.

Then for the sole of your foot, start with a hand to each side of your foot and butterfly your thumbs against your sole working out from the center, I usually do each path about 5 times, putting more pressure (never push hard enough to hurt yourself!) with each swipe. Working from your heel to the base of your toes. Toes are just rubbed up and down with pressure for each toe individually. This will work more blood throughout the foot, the Epsom salts beforehand draws out the lactic acid from the tissues. Take the other foot out of water, dry, and begin again on the next foot.

Remove the socks used for the massage. Then, gently massage lotion into the foot, all over, then put on compression socks. I do this about twice per week and always on a day that I've done too much.

Best wishes to you. I hope you get the help you need!

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