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Why do flip flops cause bunions?

Unfortunately, this footwear favorite is not favored by podiatrists, or by patients who have foot, ankle and leg pain or have developed malformations such as bunions. Bunions are a serious misalignment and swelling of the large joint at the base of the big toe. This destructive and painful condition causes the joint to actually turn the big toe inward toward the second and even third toe of the foot.

Why do flip flops cause bunions?

Flip flops cause bunions because:

  • most flip flops are very flat and offer no durable support to the bottom of the foot, particularly to the arch
  • people who wear them must grip the flip-flops with their toes, especially the big toe
  • flip flops change the way individuals walk, placing more weight toward the front of the foot rather than on the heel where more stress naturally belongs

Unfortunately, when the pain and deformity from bunions becomes serious enough, foot doctors or orthopedic surgeons recommends orthopedic sleeves or surgery as a last resort.

Flip flops cause other foot problems, too.

Flip flops contribute to arthritis in the bones of the foot. They also cause inflammation of the plantar fascia or ligament that runs from the heel to the base of the toes. Bursitis, a swelling of the fluid-filled bursa or sacs which provide cushioning and support in between the toes, is also linked to wearing flip flops.

Must you discard your flip flops?

Rather than getting rid of them altogether, get rid of the cheaply made flip flops and invest in a pair of quality ones. Quality flip flops, often bearing the seal of the American Podiatric Medical Association, have features that will support your foot, rather than hurting and irritating it:

One of the most effective & podiatrist-recommended ways to treat bunions are orthopedic sleeves with silicone gel pads, specifically designed by professionals, in consultation with surgeons, to release built up pressure & pain in your toes, stop the bunion from progressing to worse conditions, eliminate daily swelling, chronic pain, inflammation, prevent blisters, calluses, corns and get you back on your feet fast without any discomfort.

Wear it around the house during normal daily activities or in bed while asleep as a night sleeve. They are great for walking, running and people who like to stay active. They slip onto the foot like a sock and can be worn in shoes, socks, barefoot all day for maximum comfort, correction and pain relief.

Prevention score: 9/10
Pain relief score: 10/10
Long-term solution: 10/10

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