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If My Mom Has Bunions, Will I Get Bunions?

Are bunions hereditary?

If your parents have bunions, it doesn’t automatically mean you will have bunions. However, you do have a greater chance of developing bunions, because you may have inherited the same foot structure as one or both of your parents.  Foot instability is one of the main causes of bunions.

Prevention is the key in avoiding bunions. How do you prevent bunions?  By correcting the instability of your foot.  That can be remedied by podiatrist-approved bunion sleeves.

These sleeves act as a buffer between your foot and your shoe that will relieve the pain and pressure on the toe joint, correcting your toes each moment and preventing the need for expensive bunion surgeries.

They also stop the progression of bunions to worse conditions and the silicone gel which conforms to the toe structure, makes the toe separation more comfortable and effective.
This works the best on all bunion’ stages. It works also as a treatment after and before surgery. 

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how does bunion corrector splint/sleeves work to cure bunions and align big toe


  • Foot Exercises

Lack of stability in joints, ligaments and tendons also causes bunions, performing foot exercises can make it structurally strong, flexible and secure. We prepared a few exercises that can help delay the progression of the bunion and prevent surgery.  Learn more about the exercises here.

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